Managing one or more software development teams and constantly looking to hire the candidates who can deliver. This effort can get frustrating when, despite spending umpteen hours, your team cannot find the optimal resources and your team efficiency decreases


We are passionate about technology and build relationships with and hire only the best candidates with similar passions. Our consulting projects are staffed with the candidates who not only know the technologies but are open to learning new and emerging ones as well.


As a partner in your success, our company strives to build your teams with the optimal technologists. We will never send you resumes of candidates who we will not hire for our internal projects. We ensure that our clients get the best resources with minimal recruitment effort


Right Advise - Right Strategy -Right Execution

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The burden of sifting through a mountain of sketchy resumes and talking to a stream of unsuitable candidates causes the phenomenon of "frustrated hiring" by the managers. Our mission is quickly and effectively build a winning consulting team for your needs. As technologists, we hire only the best talent, saving our clients time, sanity and finally assist them in building teams that are reliable and delivery oriented

Our Beliefs

The job of a consulting company is not to provide keyword matching service. In today's world of Everything-As-A-Service, a consulting company needs to be a partner in it's clients' success. For building a complete team or for filling an open gap in a team, if the client has to spend large amount of time to screen and sift consultants, we consider it as our failure

Building teams, one resource at a time

Company Profile

Started in 1999, eSolutionSoft is based in Atlanta, Georgia. eSolutionSoft is a women owned enterprise and is a leader in providing high quality IT and specialized consultants to its US based clients. eSolutionSoft provides a quality advantage to its clients over their competitors, while allowing its clients to focus on their core competencies.By establishing seamless, repeatable processes, eSolutionSoft ensures that the clients get consistent quality service.

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As partners, we will talk to you to understand your business, your challenges and your expectations. We will do are best to match our consultants with your expectations. If we do not connect with consultant that we think can perform the expected role, we will not forward any profiles to you. This is our policy because we do not want to frustrate you into hiring our candidates.