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Capabilities and Expertise

  • Partners, Not a Vendor

    You need vendors who cares about your business as much as you do

  • Experts Across Large Technology Spectrum

    In fast evolving technology landscape, you need a vendor that can cut across the technology lines

  • Customized Service

    Not all teams and businesses are the same. We cater to your and your business’s uniqueness. We gap fill, augment and build you teams with right resources to execute your vision

  • Data Rationalization

    Get Insights From Your Data: Big Data Pipelines, Real Time Big Data processing and Analytics using Machine Learning/AI

  • DevOps: Velocity Of Releases

    Select and setup technology pieces for multiple releases a day. Features to production faster provide quicker business value

  • Cloud Native Architecture

    Hosted on-prem, in the cloud or hybrid, the digital technology and architecture should be cloud native. We can help.

Experts in Emerging Technologies Supporting Your Digital Journey

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Your customers' expectATIONS are set based on their "last BEST" EXPERIANCE. FRom Any Channel, and from any company.
They are constantly changing


Data, Microservices, API Strategy, AI, Big Data, DEVOPS and CLOUD will POWEr the next wave of digital transformation
Are you and your teams ready?


Features completed but not delivered to production effectively are useless. Prepare to release multiple times a day.
Prepare for Containers, Cloud, DevOps and more

  • Customer Experience

    Rethink customer experience across all touch points. Mobile, Web, Voice, AR, Web, Physical and others

  • Technology Build

    Build/ modify technology stack for agility and capabilities

  • Retool Tech Teams

    Train your existing teams with digital technologies and embed our experts to work with them

  • Data and Data Processing

    Data is gold in the age of customer. Implement the right data and Big Data tools

  • Services and API

    “API Everything” strategy needs to drive tools and architecture

  • Customer Interfaces

    The best UI designs are where the UI “disappears”

  • Containers

    Microservices, wrapped in immutable containers let you deliver features multiple times a day with reliability

  • Cloud

    Plan to take advantage of instant infrastructure and platform elasticity

  • DevOps

    Like Netflix or Amazon, evolve capability to release thousands of features a day

eSolutionsoft enhances your capabilities and provides deep technology insights and experts. Let us work together

  • Cohesive and customized technology strategy
  • Embed our technology experts in your teams for efficient execution
  • Let us help you to deliver products to your customer at a rapid pace


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In fast evolving technology landscape, with Cloud Computing, Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, IoT and more, traditional consulting companies are unable to differentiate between new cloud era strategies, technologies and processes. This puts the burden on you. Partnering with eSolutionSoft will give you the edge in digital technology and support for your digital strategy because we are as passionate about your success as you are.

We approach the client needs WITH A CONSULTING-AS-A-SERVICE perspective.



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Initial Free Call With Our Expert Analysts
Review and Build An Assessment and Technology Strategy
Our Experts and Architects work with your team to build strategy, based on your current state and desired target state
Execution: It really is not trivial
Our resources work with your teams to assist, train, execute and deliver projects. We can staff augment your teams with critical skills or operate in blended onshore-offshore model
Release Continuously: Create a State of the art Devops
Initiate CI/CD pipelines with containers, Infrastructure as Code, Cloud migration, API strategy and finally create a DataCenter-As-A-Service for the agility and scalability of releasing products
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($, Billion)

Create A Winning strategy

right time

Business imperatives need
resources and capability

Right Place

Right team-Right place
Resource with confidence

Right results

Efficient Delivery for Success
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